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Web sites where you can ask the doctor to get answers to your medical problems. Get info on common ailments and conditions.

Ask the doctor

Ask the doctor medical forum for patients hosted by Med Help.

Ask the doctor   for dream interpretations. Includes many dreams and his interpretations of them. Interpretation service for a fee. Context-based interpretation.

A full-service health site. Includes an Interactive Health Test and an Ask the doctor column.

Colon Cancer Facts. Includes symptoms, questions to ask the doctor and risks.

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A doctor, a lawyer, a therapist and a job coach take your questions. Find some interesting answers online.

Ask the doctor forums

The Dermatology Forum for ask the doctor. Online medical forum (Q&A)for all aspects of skin / dermatology conditions.

Ask the doctor in online medical forums about all aspects healthcare.

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Links to chocolate and candy resources. Ask The Doctor your chocolate or candy questions.

Internet's very own love Doc is here to answer your sex related questions. Ask the doctor here.

Ask the doctor specific questions

Solving your hair problems. Ask the doctor your questions, buy products and get a hair treatment.

Dental care with an emphasis on family and cosmetic dentistry. Includes ask the doctor service, information, maps and hours and an online appointment maker.

Health online

Ask the Doctor Site. Medical Library, Medical Pictures & Videos.

Order Meridia online for weight loss. Consultation with licensed medical ask the doctor online.

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