medical advise

Web sites where you can get medical advise. Get info on common ailments and conditions.

Medical advise

The 24 hour nurse led telephone medical advise service run by NHS Wales. Provides information on the diagnosis and treatment of common conditions. When to seek help. Tips on healthy living.

Medical advise and consultation offers confidential health tips and other helpful information in Q&As, related topics and news formats.

Offers a list of health topics and expert medical advise.

Related services

A site produced by Medicine Litigation, the monthly Medico-Legal Journal. How to complain about treatment and medical advise on how to set about making a claim.

An online shop of Traditional Chinese Medicine and alternative medicine. Free shipping and free herb medical advise.

Other medical advise

List of vacancies and courses and medical advise on careers in the UK from the well-known medical journal.

Provides private health and private medical advise on insurance.

Articles and information

Information about the health centre and some useful medical advise for students on healthy living.

Expert medical advise and articles help answer mental health questions from

More medical advise

An online doctors medical advise column for health questions. Charges a fee.

Consultation devoted to protecting patients against healthcare costs, abuse, negligence and incompetence in the field. Articles, resources and links for those seeking medical advise or treatment.

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